More celebrities choosing Kenya as their travel destination

- Posted in Worldwide by Visa Bureauon 23 September 2008

According to the news provider, high profile tourists are now holidaying in Kenya because they can remain hidden from paparazzi and local journalists while they enjoy all that the African nation has to offer. 

Last week, Microsoft boss Paul Allen arrived in Mombasa on his super yacht, while Naomi Campbell and previous boyfriend Mr Flavio Briatorre were recently sighted holidaying in the Mida Creek in Malindi, East Africa’s largest mangrove creek.  Superman’s Dean Cain and The Last King of Scotland’s Forest Whittaker enjoyed Kenya’s internationally-acclaimed game parks and stayed in the country’s capital Nairobi. 

The Kenyan Government is currently trying to use its natural assets to promote Kenyan tourism to the world and has invested KES1 billion (around £7 million) to market Kenya globally.  However, some have said a more effective way to promote the country would be harnessing the world-wide attention attracted by alerting journalists of celebrity arrivals.

Since the United States Government recently revised its travel warning against Kenya, tourism in the country has been able to gain momentum.  U.S. Ambassador to Kenya Michael Ranneberger confirmed the downgrading of the travel warning, saying that since March the US has not warned against travel to Kenya because the African country’s post-election crisis calmed down earlier this year.  The American Government is also donating USD$6 million to support environment programs, so that tourism, wildlife and the environment (which are all vital ingredients to the Kenyan tourist economy) can be sustained and conserved. 

Kenya has a relatively relaxed immigration system for people who wish to visit the country.  Some international visitors to Kenya are not required to apply for a Kenyan visa to visit the country for up to three months.  These include nationals from African, Caribbean and a few European and Asian states. 

Nationals from the European Union and the USA need to apply for a temporary Kenyan visa to visit the country.  Although temporary visas can be bought at the port of entry to Kenya, it is recommended to apply before you travel to the country to avoid the risk of being denied a visa, as some applications can be rejected at customs.

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Article by Jessica Bird, Worldwide Visa Bureau.