Migration patterns lead to Australian 'man drought'

According to new research from demographer Bernard Salt, Australia is suffering a drought. A man drought, that is. For the first time ever, women are outnumbering men in Australia and it's all due to the many Aussie migrants making the Great Escape overseas.

The situation is almost a complete reversal to Australia's situation from thirty years ago, when the number of men far outweighed the ladies, which was mostly due to the gender-bias of the Australia visa application process.

While the immigration process has been largely updated to acknowledge a far broader range of occupations and applicants as suitable for a skilled visa application, the result has still been that the number of single men coming into Australia can't keep up with the mass exodus of Aussie men to foreign shores. The latest statistics reveal that there are nearly 100,000 more women than men in Australia, which currently has a population of 21 million.

The situation might not be as dire for the Australian ladies as it first appears, as up to the age of 34, there are generally as many Australian men as there are women, if not more. However, after 34, the balance starts to wobble, and by the age of 40, there's a startling nine per cent more single women than men.

Essentially, this means that all the lucky single fellas who've stuck around in (or recently migrated to) the 'Land of Plenty' could quickly become an in-demand commodity. While every other Aussie guy is chugging down pints in South London or suiting up to work the Stock Exchange, there are thousands of single 'Sheilas' waiting at home for the next batch of charming Brits to emigrate to Australia to sweep them off their feet.

- Tom Blackett is the Online Editor for the Australian Visa Bureau