Migration Advisory Committee recommends additions to UK Work Permit occupation lists

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 21 October 2009

MAC has recommended that teachers in special schools and skilled meat boners and trimmers be recognised as occupations experiencing shortages, and if its recommendations are accepted employers in the United Kingdom will be able to recruit migrants for these positions with a Tier 2 UK Work Permit without needing to carry out a resident labour market test first.

MAC also recommends adding to the UK Shortage Occupation List: specialised jobs in the electricity transmission and distribution industry; some medical specialisms, including higher-level specialty paediatrics trainees; and aircraft technicians and fitters.
Professor David Metcalf CBE, who chairs the MAC, said: 'The Migration Advisory Committee's latest recommendations take account of the impact of the worldwide recession on the UK. We have looked at the evidence and made recommendations that balance the needs of the UK workforce against those of employers.

“It is important to note that some shortages of skilled labour will still exist in a recession. This can be where there is a long-term structural shortage of skilled workers, where workers provide key public services, or in areas such as culture where the UK needs to maintain global leadership.”

In order to sponsor a foreign worker the employer must first have an Employer Sponsorship Licence.  


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