Mexican actress pleads guilty to sham marriage for US Visa scam

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 24 January 2011

Fernanda Romero will acknowledge she made a false statement on an US Visa form in December 2007, and her husband, Kent Stuart Ross, also agreed to plead guilty to making a false statement.

Fernanda Romero had been living in the United States for 10 years before she and Ross married in 2005.

Prosecutors contend the pair married so Romero could obtain permanent residency, although they were living in separate homes and were dating other people. However, Romero contends that she married Ross for love but the relationship began deteriorating within six months.

Ross said he didn’t seek a divorce because he still loved Romero.

Romero and Ross are due in court on January 28 to formally enter their guilty pleas. 

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