Melons just smashing

There is a small town about 300km west of Brisbane, Queensland, that holds a bizzare festival every two years.

For four days the little town of Chinchilla (and visitors) ski, bungy, spit, eat, slurp and smash their way through as many melons as possible. And in most creative ways.

Chinchilla is the melon captial of Australia, producing a quarter of the countries melons, and to celebrate almost everything imaginable that can be done with the fruit is given a go. Melon cocktails and pip spitting are some of the tamer exploits, moving to the more full-on events.

Take melon skiing: A half of a melon is stuck on each feet, and a rope drags you along on a tarp laced with slippery melon pieces. Some get further than others.

Or there is the melon iron man event, melon bungee, melon bullseye, pip spitting and melon tossing, and a real headache ... melon smashing.

Get a really hard head, smash it on to as many melons as you can in a minute and you have yourself possibly the stupidest reason for a headache. John Allwood, a melon picker, broke his record in melon smashing earlier this year in Chinchilla.

In 2007 he smashed 40 melons in one minute, but this year the 29-year-old cracked 47 with his noggin. All chances to officially challenge his record will have to wait for the Chinchilla Melon Festival on 17 - 20 February 2011.

Meanwhile, there is time to perfect your melon skiing technique.