Man wins UK Visa battle to marry Cornish woman

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 24 September 2010

Charlotte Bunney, 25, from St Breward on Bodmin Moor, is due to marry Matthew Pirrone, 27, from Australia, in October but there was serious doubt the wedding would take place because of the UK Border Agency’s refusal to issue a UK Visa for Mr Pirrone.

Mr Pirrone was refused entry because of insufficient evidence that he could live in the UK without claiming state benefits, despite the couple insisting that he would be staying with his fiancée’s parents rent free. Miss Bunney’s parents are also paying for the wedding.

Further proof from her parents that they would support Mr Pirrone, as well as proof of their income and ownership of their house, had convinced the UK Border Agency.

The couple are now due to marry on 29 October.

Mr Pirrone will stay in the UK for two weeks and then he and Miss Bunney will move to Sydney.

They are now due to marry on 29 October.

A UK Border Agency spokesman said that each application was considered on its individual merits, taking into account all evidence submitted.
The UK Border Agency said visas could be refused if there was not enough evidence to show the applicant had financial support.

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