Lifestyle number one reason for New Zealand investor migrants

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 11 August 2010

A dozen investor migrants and one investor's wife were interviewed in the Immigration New Zealand and Investment New Zealand commissioned  study aimed at finding messages to lure potential investor migrants to take up a New Zealand Visa.

The study found that the decision to immigrate was a “heart decision” and those emotive topics such as lifestyle and community were far more resonant for these migrants than facts and rationality.

Thirty potential messages were developed for the New Zealand immigration study and the migrants were asked to select the message that appeal most strongly to them.

The top two messages were "New Zealand is a great place to bring up a family" and "New Zealand is a small country with a strong sense of community".

The study report said children are a critical element in the migration decision, with young children an important motivating factor for migration but teenaged offspring being a barrier.

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