Join the US army, become an American citizen

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 16 February 2009

The proposal would mean that those who have migrated to America on a H1-B visa and other skilled migrant visas would have the opportunity of an easy pathway to American citizenship.

The law would apply to those temporary migrants who have lived in America for a minimum of two years, and the proposal is primarily an attempt to boost recruitment numbers to the army.

Holders of the American Green Card have the right to enlist in the army, yet this would be the first time since the Vietnam War for the doors to be opened to temporary migrants in America.

The Government hopes the pilot programme would bring much-needed skills to the army, as skilled immigrants tend to bring with them valuable education and foreign language skills.  The army will also be primarily recruiting medical professionals, and if successful, the programme would be extended to include all aspects of the army.

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