IT shortfall encourages New Zealand immigration

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 10 March 2008

The research has also revealed that the only 64 per cent of IT positions in New Zealand are filled and there are only 1.9 suitable applicants for every position. Ian Hunter, Weltec programme manager for Information Technology, said: "It is not just about fixing computers and staring at monitors all day. IT is responsible for the world wide web, online social networks like Facebook and YouTube and the instantaneous exchange of information that we have become accustomed to." People considering New Zealand skilled migration can take one of the New Zealand online visa assessments.

It was recently claimed that people are moving to New Zealand for the sole purpose of improving their chances of being allowed into Australia.

New Zealand needs skilled migrants: Anyone applying for a New Zealand visa should begin by taking the New Zealand Visa Bureau's online New Zealand visa assessment to see if they meet the basic legislative requirements.