Intra-company transfer visas may be up for review soon: immigration chief

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 30 September 2009

Changes to the intra-company transfer visa were only tabled by David Metcalf in July, and are due to take effect in the new year, but if these changes prove unhelpful Professor David Metcalf admitted he would “have to” rethink the system.

Under UK visa rules for the intra-company transfer, an overseas employee can be brought into the UK only if they have six months’ experience, do not replace a UK employee and are paid an appropriate salary.

If these conditions are met, a UK employer is free to bring in staff it currently has outside of the EU to fill jobs in the UK without having to try to recruit from the UK labour market first.

As MAC recommended in July, the minimum salary and time spent as an employee at the company for an overseas worker to be eligible for the UK visa will increase in January 2010.

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