Interim New Zealand Visa now in effect will aid migrants

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 08 February 2011

New Zealand Immigration Minister Jonathan Coleman said previously there had been issues with people having their immigration status lapse while waiting for a New Zealand Visa to be processed.

“The new interim visas mean that if they have an application in with Immigration New Zealand, they are still legally allowed to remain in the country on the terms of their original visa while that application is being processed.

“Of course this provides certainty for the individual involved, but it also works for their employer, as an applicant is allowed to work legally while the paperwork is completed.”

Dr Coleman said the interim visa would also benefit fee-paying foreign students by allowing them to continue studying while applying for visas to further their studies.

The validity of police and medical certificates was also being extended from two years to three years.

Dr Coleman said these changes would smooth the enrolment process for education providers and help boost the $2 billion a year export education market.

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