Indiana follows Arizona in passing tough US immigration curbs

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 24 February 2011

The bill, passed on Tuesday night by a vote of 31-18, would allow state and local police to ask a person stopped for infractions like traffic violations for proof of a US Visa or legitimate residency if the officer has a "reasonable suspicion" they may be in the country illegally.

Another provision in the bill would call for, with some exceptions, the use of English only in public meetings, on Web sites and in documents.

The bill still needs to be adopted by state's House of Representatives before it can become law.

The bill's author Senator Mike Delph said in a statement that the bill will "send a clear message that Indiana will no longer be a sanctuary for people who are in our state and country illegally because of our federal government's failure to act on illegal immigration."

However, Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce officials say the measure would have an economic impact on the state and be bad for business, particularly convention business.

The Chamber will lobby House members to block the bill. 

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