Indian immigrant saves NZ company $100,000

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 04 September 2008

The Indian national moved to New Zealand on a New Zealand skilled working visa.  Instead of his new company importing a machine from overseas, the new Longveld Engineering employee designed and built his own machine for the company based on a photograph. 

"Within three weeks of showing him a picture, I had something even better sitting in my workshop for about $20,000," Managing Director Les Roa told the news provider.

Sukhdev Singh, the Indian migrant, said the move to New Zealand helped his career immeasurably because the smaller population allowed him to progress faster within his new company. 

A third of the staff at the engineering company is now international skilled workers on New Zealand visas, mostly from South Africa, India, Fiji, Tonga, Wales, Holland and Sir Lanka. 

"Our international staff have a wonderful work ethic and add huge value to our existing culture," Mr Roa said. "They are incredibly loyal, the more you give, the more they give."

Brendon Gardner from the Labour Department told reporters the need for immigration in New Zealand is becoming increasingly important because younger skilled workers are moving to places such as Britain and leaving an increasing gap in the workforce.

"It's important to make the most of people coming here and who do want to be here," he said. "New Zealand is already competing with Australia advertising mining jobs in the paper."

New Zealand is suffering in the engineering, health, hospitality, and transport sectors, and needs overseas workers to migrate to the country to ease shortages.

The Manager of the Business Development Centre Sandra Perry said the ageing population and skills shortage is a world-wide problem, but what New Zealand is offering is a better, greener, and healthier lifestyle. 

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Article by Jessica Bird, New Zealand Visa Bureau.