India visa changes for five countries

- Posted in Worldwide by Visa Bureauon 03 December 2009

It is expected that the Indian Government will soon allow nationals from Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Luxembourg and Finland to fly into India and obtain an India Visa at the airport.

The ability for foreign nationals to obtain an India Visa, like the India Tourist Visa, at the airport could promote tourism for the country, but it is also the first time that India has offered visa-on-arrival to any country.

Currently, this is only a pilot project and India visas are still able to be obtained online before arriving in India.

An India Tourist Visa will be granted for up to 6 months, although longer stays are also possible.  This tourist visa (more commonly known as the 'visit visa') allows the holder entry to India, but strictly forbids them from engaging in any work while they are in India.  Indian tourist visa holders are also not allowed to extend their stay beyond the limits of the visa.

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