India overtakes UK in New Zealand immigration rates

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 15 March 2013

The increase has been attributed to the rise in international students entering New Zealand on study visas before changing to temporary work visas and eventually gain permanent residency.

Overall the number of temporary work visas increased by 2%, and New Zealand immigration figures do not count Australian migrants, who are free to live and work in New Zealand without the need for a visa.

Sankar Ramasamy, research manager at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, welcomed the figures and said the NZ government expects them to continue to rise as the rebuild operation in Christchurch gathers momentum.

"The rebuild will increase the demand for specific skills, particularly in building professions and trades," said Mr Ramasamy.

"Demand for New Zealanders will be high, and training is under way to get young people in particular into jobs in Canterbury, but nonetheless we are likely to need more migrants if those skills cannot be readily met from within New Zealand.

"This approach fits in with new Zealand's immigration focus continuing to be on attracting and retaining migrants who contribute economically and settle successfully in New Zealand."

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