India in vogue for American migrant workers

- Posted in Worldwide by Visa Bureauon 23 July 2008

According to the news provider, IT companies in particular are relocating to India so that they are no longer undercut by outsourcing companies.  As Robert Dunn, owner of Creative Healthcare Solutions, said about his company’s move to India from Las Vegas, "If you can’t beat them, collaborate with them."

Over 30,000 foreigners live and work in India and 3,000 foreigners are currently searching for a job on India, says CNN.  Kris Lakshmikanth, founder and CEO of Head Hunters India told the news agency he receives at least three emails a week from people in the US, and at least one a week from Europe, asking about jobs in India.  "It’s the future," he said.

"We need overseas people to work in our country," he added. "In fashion, health care, biotechnology, there are areas where India needs special knowledge that is available in the U.S. and Europe. The other thing we need are people who can speak different languages; American English, French, German." 

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Article by Jessica Bird, Worldwide Visa Bureau.