Increased maritime border security to prevent illegal US immigrants

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 07 March 2011

In 2010, border guard and Coast Guard officials made almost 1,000 interceptions of people without a US Visa trying to enter the country by sea in San Clemente, Dana Point and other Southern California coastal cities.

These illegal migrants are usually aided by people smuggling organisations, and pay between $5,000 and $7,000 a person to cross the border.

Small fishing boats called “pangas” carry around 27 people, or up to two tons of narcotics ashore, said border patrol officials. Pangas and/or jet skis typically depart from Ensenada or Rosarito, Mexico, and head 40 miles out to sea. They land on the Orange County coastline in the early morning hours and vans waiting on the beach then take migrants to safe houses.

Attempts of illegal maritime border crossings have increased dramatically over the last three years because of the decrease in the overall rate of illegal immigrants successfully crossing the border on land.

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