Immigration New Zealand goes biometric

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 19 October 2011

The waiting time for a New Zealand visa may be shortened by the adoption of bitometric technology, New Zealand Immigration Minister Jonathan Coleman announced today.

"Biometrics provides better tools which allow Immigration to confirm an individual’s identity and protect New Zealand’s border," Dr Coleman said.

"The changes will protect people from identity theft and prevent the misuse of passports or visas by fraudsters and criminals. A further benefit is that the new technology will speed up visa application processing, as we are more readily able to confirm who we’re dealing with."

From tomorrow, Immigration New Zealand will be using biometric technology to store personal data such as photgraphs and fingerprints, which in turn will speed up visa processing and provide border protection agencies with ease of access to key security information.

New Zealand will share biometric data with Australia, Canada, the UK and the US as part of a multinational security framework.

However, Dr Coleman has stressed that his department will be compliant with New Zealand privacy and security laws in granting access to personal information.

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