Home Office proposes stricter controls on UK visas for spouses

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 15 July 2011

Should the new proposal become legislation, it could result in British citizens who are poor or unemployed being prevented from bringing their spouse to the country on a UK visa.

The plan is to introduce a new minimum income threshold for those looking to sponsor a spouse, partner or dependants who are coming to the UK.

As a result, the unemployed or those living on less than approx. £5,000 a year would be prohibited from sponsoring their family members to come to the UK. Additionally, the probation period for spouses and partners applying for settlement after arriving in the UK would be raised from two years to five years.

A consultation paper from the Home Office has also been released that proposes making it harder for families to bring dependant grandparents to live with them in the UK, instead supporting the idea that the UK citizens should be encouraged to send money abroad to support them. 

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