Highly skilled migrants will get fast track UK immigration

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 06 December 2007

The first tier of the new five-tier system will give highly skilled workers with good qualifications and English language fluency priority.

Migrants from outside the EU will need to prove they have 75 points under the system before they will even be considered for a UK visa.

Points will be scored based on criteria such as qualifications, age and high previous earnings.

Once granted, the UK visa will enable them to enter the UK without already having received a job offer.

The statement of intent for tier one shows how the new tier will replace eight existing immigration routes for highly skilled migrants.

Nurses, teachers and tradespeople such as plumbers will fall under the second tier of the new system. They will be granted a UK visa only if there are gaps in the existing workforce.

Low-skilled workers may be granted entry to work in specific job vacancies such as restaurant work or domestic service but the visa will only be issued for a fixed period.

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