Government announces earned British Citizenship policy will be scrapped

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 08 November 2010

Earned British Citizenship was a policy introduced by the previous Labour Government, whereby migrants could earn the right to permanent settlement and British citizenship. The policy was planned to come into force in July 2011. It will now not be introduced.

Outlining the government's approach to settlement reforms, Ms May said it is too easy, at the moment, to move from a temporary residence UK Visa to permanent settlement.

“We will not implement Labour's policy of earned citizenship, which was too complicated, bureaucratic and, in the end, ineffective.

“If people enter this country saying that they will only stay here temporarily, then it is obvious that they should only stay here temporarily.

“Working in Britain for a short period should not give someone the right to settle in Britain. Studying a course in Britain should not give someone the right to settle in Britain,” she said.

The UK Border Agency will make further announcements in due course, but in the interim, the current rules and requirements for obtaining settlement and citizenship will remain in place.

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