France and the UK make joint declaration on immigration at summit

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 03 November 2010

The UK and France summit in London this week has been called a “new chapter” in defence, security and immigration co-operation by Prime Minister David Cameron, as the two countries have signed treaties pledging to work more closely together.

The new measures will include sharing more information, increasing return flights and tackling organised immigration crime networks.
The two countries have vowed to work together to tackle illegal immigration before it even starts, and will work with countries outside Europe to educate people about the reality of being in a country illegally.

Damian Green, the Minister for UK immigration, said the British Government will continue to work closely with France to stop illegal migration.

“Already, our officers work together every day at the joint intelligence unit in Folkestone and the joint operation centre in Calais, to identify and disrupt organised immigration crime and trafficking activity.

“As a result of this activity, over 80 arrests for immigration offences have been made in the UK and France, and many illegal entrants have been prevented from entering the UK.

“We are determined to build on these early successes by further strengthening our common border and undertaking more joint operations to tackle illegal immigration networks who exploit vulnerable people, “ he said.

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