Former US Ambassador denied China visa

- Posted in Worldwide by Visa Bureauon 18 October 2012

John Huntsman, who served as Ambassador to China until 2011, had intended to give a speech at the World Money Show in Shanghai but was denied a China visa.

China's ruling Communist Party is about to hold its next leadership change, resulting in a very delicate political situation in the country.

"Why [was the visa denied]? Because I talk too much about human rights and American values, and they know that," said Mr Huntsman.

"At a time of leadership realignment, the biggest deal in 10 years for them, they didn't want the former US ambassador saying stuff that might create a narrative that they would have to fight, and I understand that."

Mr Huntsman claims the group that invited him was pressured by the Chinese government to revoke his invitation.

"I was supposed to be there a month ago giving a speech, but they cancelled my visa. The group that was bringing me in to speak, the organisers, they had a little pressure put on them, shall we say. I think it was pretty overt pressure.

"But when the transition is done, the crazy American ambassador will be let back in and I can say whatever I want."

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