Former Archbishop calls for UK immigration changes

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 07 January 2010

Lord Carey warned that if concerns about UK immigration were not addressed by the Government it would only play into the hands of the British National Party who would gain political capital.

He stressed that he was not calling for a ban on non-Christian immigrants settling in Britain, but that migrants should understand the country’s values, history and heritage. He said that migrants should know that they are entering a country that values parliamentary democracy built upon Christian heritage, and understand the commitment to the English language and espouse it.

"If we don't do something about this, we play immediately into the hands of the BNP. That is very clear indeed. They are working and exploiting frustration, a sense of alienation on the part of white working class people who are saying 'our jobs are being taken by people from abroad'."

Lord Carey is a member of the cross-party parliamentary group on balanced migration that called on all the major parties to make a commitment not to allow the UK's population to reach 70 million should they be elected.

An online declaration by the group, which also includes Labour MP Frank Field, states: "We welcome the considerable benefits that immigration has brought to British life. However, we note that over the last decade immigration has reached unprecedented levels.

"We are convinced that failure to take action would be seriously damaging to the future harmony of our society. Nearly a million votes by our fellow citizens for an extremist party amount to a danger sign which must not be ignored.”

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