Foreign student applications increase for NZ

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 18 February 2009

In the year ending February, 1, 67,530 New Zealand student visa applications were lodged to Immigration New Zealand.  According to authorities, this was an increase of 4,200 when compared with the year before.  Education New Zealand has also reported a 36 per cent increase in some educational providers of international enrolments.

New Zealand has always benefited greatly from the economic contribution international students bring with them.  According to the New Zealand Herald, educational exporters receive around $2.3 million annually, with each fee-paying student contributing around $40,000 each year, not including revenue gained from their family and friends who holiday in New Zealand for visiting purposes.

Because of this, educational exporters are trying their hardest to lure international students to study in New Zealand, and it is hoped that the lower New Zealand dollar, cheaper fees and lower cost of living would be enough to attract foreign students to New Zealand and deter them from choosing America and the UK. 

As Kelly Wang, a holder of a New Zealand student visa, told TVNZ: "Compared to London, compared to America, it's a little bit cheaper."

"In New Zealand if you go somewhere, everybody smile to you, it's really friendly," she added.

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