Family’s last ditch appeal for New Zealand visa

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 02 February 2012

The Hastings based couple now have 42 days to appeal to New Zealand immigration authorities on humanitarian grounds. Sital Ram Mall and Usha Rani are desperately trying to secure permission to stay in New Zealand to be with their three young children, all New Zealand citizens.

The couple had been in New Zealand for eight years, overstaying a previous visa when they were issued with removal orders in late 2010. However, the couple were granted a 12 month New Zealand visa which allowed them both to work legally and remain with their family.

Mr Mall had also been held in detention for 70 days while he awaited the decision of the immigration authorities.

Despite a year of reprieve, the family have now been plunged back into uncertainty as their visa has now expired and have once again been issued with removal orders.

The family's immigration consultant, former immigration minister Tuariki Delamere, said the family still did not meet the criteria to be granted residency.

Now facing the prospect of having to return to India, several people have spoken out in support of the family, claiming that, as the family are members of the shunned 'untouchable caste' they would have to live in squalor.

With just 42 days to now appeal the decision, family friend Julie O'Shea said "the family is back to square one. The stress is showing and it's simply not fair on little families like this."

Most of the concerns voiced have been in regards to the children:

"How are they meant to live? Talk about emotional abuse of these children, especially here in New Zealand where we don't accept abuse of children" said Ms O'Shea.

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