Fa'afili gets UK work permit to join Leeds

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 17 September 2009

The winger was signed in June, but has been waiting for his UK work permit application to be processed so that he could join the team.

Director of rugby Andy Key told BBC Radio Leeds: "This is great news for us and we will now get in contact with him and get him over here ASAP".

"He's been training hard while's he's been waiting, so we'll have to see what condition he is in when he arrives."

Fa'afili, like three other Leeds players, has been stranded in his home country waited for the UK Border Agency to process their UK visa applications.

Juan Gomez had his UK visa approved on the eve of the new Premiership season, but two other new players Fosi Pala'amo  and Mike MacDonald are still waiting.

Andy Key said the team had been in contact with all four on a daily basis, communicating training plans for them to follow to keep in top condition for when their UK visas do come through and they join the team.

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