Excess baggage rules deciphered for American tourists

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 29 September 2009

Luke Dudley, a boarding school Algebra teacher, came up with the idea of his website www.luggagelimits.com after talking with students in the summer of 2008.

His website enables American tourists and travellers to find information about luggage limits on more than 50 airlines and to compare different policies.

“Interpreting airline luggage policies from their websites can be daunting,” said Mr Dudley.

“Seeing the students travel to and from school on a regular basis with numerous items of baggage, and at a time when jet fuel and airline hidden fees were rapidly increasing, gave me the idea for an online resource that can help travellers avoid, or at least prepare for, these extra costs.”

On the website American tourists or travellers can type in an airline, the departure and arrival airports, and the site finds the check-in and carry-on luggage policy for that flight, including baggage size limits and costs.

Currently 55 major airlines within the US, Canada and the UK and 3,000 airports are listed on the website, and there are hopes to expand that number.

Mr Dudley also plans to expand the site to include non-US carriers’ policies in the future.

Visitors to the US may need to apply for an American visa, such as the American ESTA visa or the American Tourist Visa (B2).

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