ESTA to boost American tourism and travel promotion

The act lays out plans to fund a new body to promote tourism to the country, the first national tourism body, through a nominal charge for the ESTA for overseas tourists.

The American ESTA is a travel authority that allows those from countries in the Visa Waiver Program authorization to enter America for a short stay for business or tourism purposes.

The travel promotion body, Corporation for Travel Promotion, could attract some 1.6 million additional visitors to America and create more than US$4 billion in consumer spending a year, and will with the US departments of Commerce, Homeland Security and State to develop a nationally co-ordinated tourism marketing program.

Part of the responsibilities of the corporation will also to promote and explain changing travel security policies.

The corporation comes at a time when America has seen a drop in overseas visitors, with 2.4 million fewer overseas travellers in 2009 than in 2000.


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