Employers resort to older workers as New Zealand immigration need increases

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 27 February 2008

Gill Absolon, co-ordinator of the Mature Employment Support Agency told the Manawatu Standard employers are taking on older workers "begrudgingly" but there had been a change in the way they are viewed: "First of all, they get interviews. Certainly, people do find work. When I look around town, I'm pleased to see employers now have a more mixed-age staff."

The news may give hope to older people looking to New Zealand immigration for a change of scenery. New Zealand online visa assessments are available for people to check their suitability. It was also recently revealed that the country is suffering a shortage of bricklayers.

New Zealand needs skilled migrants: Anyone applying for a New Zealand visa should begin by taking the New Zealand Visa Bureau's online New Zealand visa assessment to see if they meet the basic legislative requirements.