Emigrate to New Zealand third on wish list

The researcher Gallup posted the research using what it calls the Potential Net Migration Index (PNMI), calculated on the number of adults wishing to leave a country permanently subtracted from the estimated number who wish to immigrate to the country, as a proportion of the total population.

Emigrating to New Zealand registered third, behind only Singapore and Saudi Arabia.

Massey University Professor Paul Spoonley, head of a major research project on immigrants, told the New Zealand Herald that the results were interesting but not surprising.

"Economic migrants see countries like Singapore as a centre for opportunities, but lifestyle migrants will choose New Zealand for the quality of life, education and peace that it offers," Professor Spoonley said.

"New Zealanders [are] perceived overseas to be friendly and welcoming, and in the wake of a global terrorism threat, the fact that we rank highly on the peace scale makes it even more attractive to be living here."

New Zealand was also ranked the world's most peaceful country in this year's Global Peace Index, which lists 140 countries in terms of a variety of factors reflecting domestic peacefulness and international relations.

The United states was the most desired destination in terms of absolute numbers, with 165 million saying they would like to emigrate to America permanently.

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