Eight EOI selected for New Zealand Migrant Investor Visa

This New Zealand Visa is designed to attract financial investment to the country by providing residence to overseas nationals who wish to make a significant contribution to the New Zealand economy.

All EOIs with a claim of between 20 and 62 points were selected on 2 December, and applicants will now be invited to submit paperwork to New Zealand Immigration.

There are two categories under the New Zealand Migrant Investor Visa Policy: the Investor Plus (Investor 1 category); and Investor (Investor 2 Category).

The Investor (Investor 2 Category) visa requires an applicant to be 65 years or younger, with a minimum of three years business experience, and to invest funds of NZ$1.5 million for four years. There is also English language, and health and character requirements an applicant and their family must meet.

The Investor (Investor 1 Category) visa does not have age, English language, or business experience requirements, but an applicant must be able to invest NZ$10 million in New Zealand for three years. An applicant and family under this category must still meet health and character requirements.

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