Clinton announces America working to streamline US Visa applications

- Posted in America by Visa Bureauon 14 March 2011

Experiments have included conducting US Visa interviews over Skype and eliminating paper applications, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said while speaking at the President's Export Council in response to business leader concern over delay and restrictions in issuing of visas.

"We have tried some experiments to look for ways to do interviews over Skype. It doesn't meet our security needs," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said.

"We train our consular officers to look at a visa applicant from a lot of different perspectives, and it's unfortunate that that's the world we find ourselves in. So, we're trying to do everything possible to keep our consular offices open longer, to try to provide more support," Clinton said.

Mrs Clinton said the government was streamlining operations by eliminating paper applications and working to expedite visa appointments for business travellers.

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