Chinese airlines flying to the rescue of QLD tourism

The State Minister has been granted AUD$4 million from the State Government and another $4 million from the Federal Government.  The money is charged to protect the Queensland tourism industry from rising fuel prices, the strong Australian dollar, and major cuts in Qantas flights.  "These funds will provide a boost for domestic and international marketing campaigns, but will also put money into Desley’s back pocket to bring interested airlines to Queensland sooner," said Queensland Premier Anna Bligh in their joint press release. 

The Queensland Government has been working on their relationship with Chinese airlines for some time now, and has always been explicit about their intentions to secure the rapidly growing Chinese tourist market by introducing direct flights from China to Queensland.

"The Premier has given me the green light to work with Tourism Queensland and the state's regional tourism organisations to identify and attract airlines important to the future of Queensland's tourism industry," commented the Minister.  "We will be ensuring that when the proposed domestic and international flight cuts happen there will be viable alternatives waiting to take their place," she said.

Federal Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson said his government is looking at a number of solutions to revamp Australian tourism, such as allowing international tourists to extend their visas if they are willing to work in the right kinds of jobs and industries.  The Government has been struck with a labour shortage and lack of skilled migrants in Australia, and has been actively campaigning for more immigrants to Australia.  The Government is also in the process of passing a bill which will allow 5,000 guest workers from nominated Pacific Islands fill the labour shortage. 

Australia needs skilled workers: anyone interested in migrating to Australia should complete an online assessment to see if they qualify for skilled migration to Australia.

Anyone interested in taking a working holiday to Australia should confirm their eligibility by taking Visa Bureau’s online assessment.