China needs support for tourism boom

- Posted in Worldwide by Visa Bureauon 19 August 2008

A report from the Beijing Foreign Enterprises Service Co Ltd (FESCO) said China’s two major cities, Beijing and Shanghai, will need an extra 500,000 trained hotel staff over the next two years to cope with the millions of tourists on Chinese visas predicted to visit the country.

The Olympics is also expected to cause a surge in sports-related interests, and experts say 10,000 sports management professionals and 7,000 trainers will also be needed to facilitate this, reports the news provider.

"These rising demands are attributable to the ongoing Olympic Games, which have stimulated local interest in sports as well as making China an even more popular travel destination for the next two to three years," said Li Yiguang, Assistant General Manager and Director of FESCO’s recruitment department.

Organisers of the 2008 Games have said the tourism boost to the country is inevitable and the necessary upgrading of tourism facilities and infrastructure country-wide has ensured China remains globally competitive in the industry, reports China View. 

"Better airport facilities, subway networks, roads and recreational venues will all help to support continued rapid development," Moody’s economist Sherman Chan told reporters.

All visitors to China are required to gain a Chinese visa to gain entry.  The Chinese Tourist Visa, or L Visa, is a visa for people wishing to visit the country for tourist purposes, visiting family, or other personal affairs, and is valid for a maximum of three months. 

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Article by Jessica Bird, Worldwide Visa Bureau.