Changes to New Zealand visa processes

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 10 May 2012

Under the changes, New Zealand visa applicants will have the speed of their applications processed depending on their incomes and language skills.

"We are making changes to give priority to migrants who can make a real contribution to New Zealand," said Mr Guy. "Overall we expect these changes will eventually save the taxpayer around NZ$40 million [£19.5 million] a year."

"There will be a new two-tier process for the parents of New Zealand citizens and residents who want to migrate here. Applications from parents who have higher income sponsors, or who bring a guaranteed income or funds, will be processed faster than other applications."

Mr Guy added that migrants who have a poor grasp of the English language will be required to purchase English language tuition and, in the case of parents of New Zealand citizens or residents, the period of support will be extended from five years to 10.

"As a result of these policy changes, many skilled migrants who have residence here can sponsor their parents and will receive a quicker decision with less red tape."

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