Changes to New Zealand immigration policy take effect today

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 29 March 2010

The addition of this New Zealand Visa is hoped to increase the number of young, highly-skilled workers from overseas and allow them to enter New Zealand to find skilled employment.

The Silver Fern policy includes two streams, the Silver Fern Job Search Policy, and the Silver Fern Practical Experience Policy.  There are 300 places available each year, commencing 27 April 2010.

In addition New Zealand Immigration have announced changes to the working holiday scheme that will come into effect today, including the introduction of working holiday visas for young citizens of Spain and Slovenia and a change to the age limit of the Canadian Working Holiday Visa (extended to 18-35 year olds).

Other changes include the removal of the restriction of only being able to work a maximum of three months for the same employer for Japanese working holiday makers, and an increase in the number of places available under this program to young citizens of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. 

Applications for a New Zealand Working Holiday for Argentina, Chile, and Taiwan nationals may now be made online.

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