Canada business migration and the Investor Immigrant Program

The Investor Immigrant
Program is key Canadian
business visa pathway

The Canadian Investor Immigrant Program is a Canadian business immigration pathway that's been under particular focus as of late, with two prominent Canadian economists releasing a study that argues in favour of the program being expanded.

According to the study by Pierre Fortin and Roger Ware, statistics show that each family of immigrant investors leads to direct benefits for Canada, averaging between CA$770,000 and CA$800,000. As a result, the Investor Immigrant Program generates approx. CA$2 billion a year for the country.

However, even though Canada receives approximately 2,500 people each year under the Immigrant Investor Program, there's still some confusion as to how it works or how potential migrants can apply under it. With that in mind, I've assembled a quick 'FAQ' to help explain how it works.

Who is eligible for the Investor Immigrant Program?

Eligibility for a Canadian investor visa is based on an assessment of your net worth and your business or management background.

 The threshold amount for net worth is currently just over £500,000.  Business owners are required to show an ownership interest and management role in a qualifying business while business managers must have 2 years experience at the required level. Finally there is a qualifying points test.

How much do I need to invest?

Once your application is approved you are required to make an investment of CA$400,000 with the Canadian or Quebec government for a period of 5 years.

In practice this investment is almost always financed, which significantly reduces the outlay and overall cost to you. Our banking relationships in Canada and the UK mean that we have access to the most competitive financing options available.

What are the benefits to migrants arriving in Canada under the Investor Immigrant Program?

Once your visa is approved you are free to settle in Canada with your family.  There are no restrictions on you once you do settle in Canada.  You and your spouse are free to work, set up business and purchase property. You will have access to state education, health care and other benefits enjoyed by Canadian citizens. Additionally, after 3 years you will be eligible for Canadian citizenship.

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- Tom Blackett is Online Editor for the Canadian Visa Bureau.