Calls to change UK Visa rules for overseas students

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 01 July 2010

Eastbourne's MP Stephen Lloyd said under changes to the rules earlier this year students are only able to obtain a UK Visa to enrol on longer courses if they already spoke the language, a requirement he says is contrary to logic.

At Prime Minister's Questions Mr Lloyd said: "Given the Chancellor's recent comments stating that the UK is 'open for business' I'd like to ask you why it is that foreign students who come here to study at English language schools for periods greater than six months and contribute an estimated £600 million to this vital industry must now be already able to speak English before they can get a visa?"

Mr Lloyd’s constituency includes a number of language schools, and he called for a meeting with UK immigration Minister Damian Green to discuss the issue.
Mr Cameron responded that there are many bogus colleges, and many people pretending to come and study when really they are coming for work. He agreed to arrange a meeting with Mr Green on the issue.

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