Calls to cancel UK Visa for televangelist Zakir Naik

Naik, 82, recently was in the spotlight after he praised Osama Bin Laden and acts of terrorism, criticised non-Muslims, and drew the indignation of Muslims of various denominations after criticising their beliefs.

Naik will be the star speaker at the Al-Khair Peace Convention 2010 in the UK.

A UK Visa has already been issued to him for this event, although the media outlet The News reported that many of his crew members were refused UK visas. A Labour MP was approached by the organisers to help expedite the visa process for those who were not issued a visa but he refused to help them, The News reported.

Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron has been called by critics of Naik to ban the cleric and make a firm public statement.

A UK Border Agency spokesperson said: “Each case is considered on its own merits. When assessing a visa application we will consider the previous conduct of the individual and we will ensure that the UK does not support or provide a platform for the promotion of violent extremism.

"We reserve the right to revoke someone’s visa if they are found to be promoting extreme views which are contrary to UK values.”

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