Brits' holiday diaries in NZ reach 42,000 viewers

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 27 February 2009

Following on from a successful campaign late last year, Tourism New Zealand has decided to re-run its campaign 'What do you say UK?', which is designed to show Brits at home how much fun their friends, family, and fellow residents are having Down Under.

A mobile recording studio has started from the top of the North Island of New Zealand, and will be stopping at all major tourism points until it reaches the southern tip of New Zealand.  Along its way, young and old British travellers have the chance to rave about their travels and adventures when holidaying in New Zealand, which are then posted onto YouTube.

Reaching 42,000 viewers already, organisers have claimed the campaign a success.  According to Opodo News, travellers from the UK, Australia, the US, Japan and others have posted nearly 600 videos on the net.

George Hickton, chief executive of the tourism agency, said he has hopes for the success of the campaign.

"If every clip filmed in the mobile studio is viewed by ten friends and family back home and if 3,000 clips are filmed, that's 30,000 messages about New Zealand sent to our key markets – a very cost-effective form of marketing."

New Zealand is a top favourite for young British travellers who are looking to work while supplementing their travel.  The New Zealand working holiday visa allows travellers from certain countries to work and travel New Zealand for up to twelve months if they are aged between 18 and 30 years.  British travellers have the added advantage of extending their working holiday visa for an extra 11 months.

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