British Embassy announces changes to passport service in UAE

All passports applications from UAE from that date will be processed and printed centrally in the Passport Processing Centre in Dusseldorf as part of a series of changes throughout the Gulf region in 2010.

The British Embassy has advised that until that date applicants should continue to submit passport applications at the British Embassy in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

"These changes are part of a global initiative to streamline and modernise the UK's overseas passport operation. The UK remains one of the few countries printing passports in embassies and consulates abroad. Our aim is to reduce the cost of running the operation, while improving security and maintaining a high standard of customer service", the British Embassy statement said.

The British Embassy has advised to allow up to 4 weeks to submit an application before travelling.

There are 6 Regional Passport Processing Centres, including Dusseldorf, already in place covering Europe, The Americas, Australasia and Southern Africa and by the end of 2010 there is expected to be another centre added.

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