British backpackers keep NZ green

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 03 June 2008

New Zealand, being one of the first countries to pledge a carbon-neutral future, has been selected by the United Nations Environment Program to be the primary host of the yearly event.  New Zealand is particularly pushing for cleaner, greener energy and new job opportunities in a low-carbon sustainable economy.   


Backpackers, many of whom are British residents on a working holiday in New Zealand, have been included in the strategies for sustainability.  The Environment Minister, Trevor Mallard, and the Tourism Minister, Damien O’Connor, together have planned and implemented a recycling initiative branded “Love NZ – Recycle with care”.  Public recycling bins have already been placed in Kaikoura, Wellington, and other parts of New Zealand, and are showing positive results.


A report from New Zealand’s Labour Department showed around 10,000 British residents would take advantage of the working holiday visa to New Zealand during 2007.  According to Live-PR, flights to New Zealand are becoming more popular, and more affordable, and have seen a 10 per cent growth in the industry. 


"Many backpackers are environmentally conscious. Having recycling facilities in backpacker accommodation around the country will meet their expectations to do the right thing for the environment,” Trevor Mallard said.


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