Bring on Spring - Australian Events in September

Keep Calm and Summer

We're back! It's been a while since our last dip into the month's best Aussie culture but with the temperature beginning to creep up again and Australia's best features - the sun, sand and surf - begin to dominate everyone's diaries once more, we thought it best to give you all some fresh ideas for spending your money on.  

September in the UK means back to school, the end of what passes for summer and a settling in for another nine months of rain, dark nights and a bone-deep chill. But in Australia it's when the party only starts to heat up. Given the bitterest depths of winter are pretty warm for a kick off, you know the summer is going to be good. 

Here's some ideas to get you started before you get too sunburnt to move:



Jurassic Lounge Season - Every Tuesday

The Jurassic Lounge is one of the Australian Museum's favourite rooms; piles and piles of history's largest and most impressive (and most nightmarish) creatures loom large in displays all over the place offering you a great insight into who would have developed the AK47 first - us or the velociraptor.

Gettin' sensual up in here.

If that wasn't enough, once a year the Jurassic Lounge opens its doors and - in a very popular move - bans children to bring a season of differently themed nights for you to enjoy.

Kicking off the season's sixth year is Time Machine on the 3rd, including a 20's Speak Easy, a disco and classic HipHop - all of the 20th century's coolest aspects brought back to life for one night only. The week after is Film/Photography night, a more cultured approach seemingly but still plenty of adult themes are included - even a burlesque performance.

On the 17th, the Jurassic Lounge becomes a sensual (literally) delight with 5 Senses - a chance to get blindfolded up and see which of your senses you rely on the most, a popular feature of this week's event is the Pheromone Dating game - head down there and see for yourself.

And finally, rounding off the month is Cowboy Night with plenty of mechanical bulls, Wild West shows and even a shooting gallery to see how quick your draw is.

Don't miss out, the Jurassic Lounge's season is (supposedly) its last. For EVER.

Festival of the Winds - 8th

We don't suppose you need a real reason to spend the day on Bondi at the start of September, any later in the year and us Brits and Irish get too hot after 8am. The second Sunday of the month however is the Festival of the Winds, which isn't anywhere near as spiritual and new age-y as it sounds.

Hundreds and hundreds of kites take to the impossibly blue skies to perform impromptu dances. Expect plenty of pocket kite-pretenders staring enviously at the gloriously huge animal kites soaring majestically and judgingly above all you land folk.

Glam Rock Roller Disco - 14th

We know you're sitting there on your working holiday, reading the collected works of Proust and wondering what reason you could possibly have to get blackout drunk for. Well, if 10 shots of Tequila don't make it difficult enough to walk, why not whack on some wheels on your feet?

Yes, the Glam Rock Roller Disco this month sums up everything that's great about parties, an excuse to wear spandex, get loaded AND show off your pirouettes (or break your neck).

Cabramatta Moon Festival - 15th

If the Wind Festival above tickled your fancy, try the Cabramatta Moon Festival next. Like the wind festival, the Moon Festival isn't what it seems and is in fact one of the best food festivals in Sydney's annual calendar.

Every year over 90,000 converge on Sydney's Cabramatta suburb, home to one of the largest Vietnamese communities in the world, to partake in some sampling of Asia's finest cuisine.



These are called vegetables, you
should eat some to avoid dying.

Spring Graze - All month

Spring is here so that means put down all those heavy pies and gravies, all those heart warming roasts and those glasses of mulled wine and get yourself down to The Spring Graze to lighten your diet and water down all that alcohol with something that's actually good for you.

Held across the city, tons of local suppliers offer the culinary minded amongst you the chance to sample the best and the freshest (and strictly locally sourced) foods to be found in Victoria.

Melbourne Spring Fashion Swap - 5th

All those jeans and light jumpers might be enough to see you through the unpredictable British summers as well as the mild Australian winters but chances are they'll cook you alive come Christmas in Australia.

Why not head down to the Melbourne Spring Fashion Swap then and save some precious booze cash by swapping your thick threads for some lightweight thin ones which will dissipate all your booze sweat effectively when the Mercury heads up around the 40° mark - which it definitely will, fast.

Murray Magic - 6th

Now that David Blaine seems to have finally left out screens, people are beginning to appreciate magic again for the spectacle of the illusion (or the illusion of the spectacle) instead of a whiny "mysterious" voice that puts your teeth on age.

Along with the arrival of Britain's very own Dynamo, Las Vegas magician Murray SawChuck is also making waves in the magic community and, for the first time, Murray Magic will be heading to Australia for one show only.

Get your tickets fast.

Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix - 18th to the 20th

MotoGP is like Formula One for people with slightly less regard for their own personal regard. With an average speed of almost 110mph, everything is heightened: the corners, the straights - and the adrenaline rush.

You might not be riding the bikes but that doesn't mean watching won't be insane and, given the fact the Aussie GP is traditionally where the champion seals his win, interest and tension will be running high.

Going dressed as Batman
doesn't count

Oz Kink Fest 2013 - 20th to the 29th

And if you're after a different kind of thrill, perhaps a little bit more on the naughty side as well as one that won't get you killed (it isn't that naughty) the Oz Kink Fest comes to town this month.

Whether you're into nipple clamps and cat o'nine tails in the bedroom or just looking for something to spice up your sex life, the Kink Fest is the place for you with a Fetish Expo and private party ready to get your ideas flowing - leather and latex are not optional (seriously). 



Brisbane Festival - 7th to the 28th

One of Brisbane's biggest events takes place this month, the Brisbane Festival kicks off on the 7th and going on for most of the month, Bris Vegas will be lit up throughout September with fireworks and enough lights to light up Liberacci's Christmas tree.

Particular highlights in this year's festival include Psycho Beach Party, a soon-to-be classic cult comedy horror play and the Brisbane Airport Light Garden.

Real Food Festival - 7th to the 8th

If the Brisbane Festival has wet your whistle for festivities, get down to the Real Food Festival the day after. Specialising in foods from various belief systems, new culinary experiences are almost guaranteed.

And if you're not really of the curious eater mould, get down there anyway to see Aussies' reactions to more than one kind of cheese, it'll be like Jamie Oliver's dream come true.

BIGSOUND - 10th to the 13th

It wouldn't be a proper month review if we didn't include at least one music festival and this month's best pick of the bunch (there are a lot these days) is BIGSOUND, now in its 12th year, so practically an ancient festival.

With over 120 bands playing across 12 venues throughout the city, BIGSOUND also includes guest speakers like Nick Cave elucidating on all the qualities that make him top. 



Tattoos, giving people an excuse
to each other for centuries.

Australian Tattoo and Body Art Expo - 6th to the 8th

While away on the other side of the world, off on your own exploring the globe, your mother is undoubtedly worried about the state of your wellbeing and whether or not you've made your bed. What better way of reassuring her that you haven't gone off the rails on your working holiday than getting a giant tattoo?

Head down to the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre for the Australian Tattoo and Body Art Expo to see the best tattoo artists WA has to offer and definitely not be tempted into getting a 12 inch tattoo of Michael Jackson moonwalking across your back.

Cirque du Soleil: Michael Jackson the Immortal World Tour - 18th to the 22nd

And speaking of Jacko, the greatest show on Earth has turned its attention to the greatest performer the world has ever seen. Cirque du Soleil has turned their latest show into a tribute to the King of Pop without losing any of their own magic.

Cirque du Soleil: Michael Jackson the Immortal World Tour hits Perth this month to bring Jackson's trademark moves and stage brilliance to a new generation of pop fans, but mainly to stop them from thinking Justin Definitely-Squeaky-Clean Bieber is nothing but a pretender to the throne.


- Dominic Ladden-Powell is the Online Editor with the Australian Visa Bureau, an independent migration consultancy specialising in helping people lodge applications for a Working Holiday Visa to Australia.