Biometric data of NZ immigrants to be stored on new ICT system

- Posted in New Zealand by Visa Bureauon 02 July 2008

The proposed new computer system will collect all biometric information from immigrants, which includes physiological as well as behavioural characteristics.  The biometric information will then be coupled with other identity management projects, according to the Computerworld media source.  

The new system is designed to improve the level of security for the New Zealand community, and prevent identity fraud when New Zealand immigrants begin the process of naturalisation. 

"The collection of, and ability to check, biometric data on all applicants is critical for immigration risk management in the future," says the tender document.  "Obtaining biometric data on prospective citizens at the point they first interact with a New Zealand Government agency dramatically reduces the risks of identity fraud, especially given that they may apply for citizenship many years after arriving in New Zealand."

The current ICT system holds information across a range of sources, while the proposed new system would draw together all necessary information into one system.  According to Computerworld, the current ICT system will become out-of-date by 2011, and will no longer function properly after this date. 

The Department of Immigration are tendering to improve risk analysis procedures, so that those emigrating to New Zealand can be profiled and assessed using more sophisticated and streamlined procedures. 

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