Backpackers in Australia, NZ offered new “Airpass”

The airline company has selected a number of routes across Australia and New Zealand that will have fixed-rate fares all year round and no fees for changing flights. The Airpass can be bought independently, or as part of any international ticket that brings visitors to either country.  Travellers on an Australian visa or New Zealand visa will have 12 months to use the Airpass. 

Stefan Pichler, Chief Commercial Officer of Vigin Blue Airlines, said “Airpass holders can fly on their choice of 53 routes across Australia and New Zealand, allowing travellers to explore capital cities, regional towns and tourism centres across our Australasian network”. 

Recent reports show numbers of holidaymakers to Australia are in decline, yet the number of British backpackers to the country continued to grow every year, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.  It is hoped that initiatives such as the Airpass will encourage more people to visit on an Australia visa, whether it be for a short-term visit, a long-term visit or a working holiday.

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