PetAir UK

- Posted in Australia by Visa Bureauon 11 February 2016

Each destination holds its own rules regarding shipping, which is why we recommend seeking assistance from the experts. PetAir UK is an experienced and professional company that can help alleviate some of the stresses which come with relocating.

Why PetAir UK?

PetAirUKLogoPetAir UK has more vets and vet nurses on the team than any other pet shipper in the world!

The company offer a variety of services, from a basic flight ticket and crate to the popular Gold Service, whereby they manage all aspects of the move. The Gold Service includes veterinary work, import permits, export paperwork and collection from anywhere in the UK.

PetAir UK take time to tailor their services to meet your needs– for both two legged and four legged friends!

If you would like to obtain a free quote from PetAir UK please contact them on +44 (0)1725 551124, quoting ‘Visa Bureau’.