Australian visa application fees increasing by 15% from 1 July, 2011

As part of the Australian federal budget, the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) will be putting the fees up for a number of visa subclasses from 1 July, 2011. They have stated that many visas will have their application fees go up by 15%.

The reason for the visa fee increase has been cited as to "help offset the wider costs associated with the operation of the migration and temporary entrant program." You can read more about the announcement on this page on the Australian government's website. This increase in Australian visa application charges will not apply to:

  • Second instalment investor retirement visas;
  • Second instalment contributory parent visas; and
  • Humanitarian protection visas lodged in Australia, which are charged at a rate of $30 and not indexed.

While there have yet to be any official announcements of how much the new fees will be, see below for our own projections of what the new fees could be for the permanent skilled migration and permanent family migration subclasses:

 Potential increase to skilled and family visa application fees.

 The new fee figures are not official, only our own projections of what they could be.


Current Fee Potential New Fee

Permanent Skilled Migration

$2,575 $2,961 (approx.)

Permanent Family Migration

$1,735 $1,995 (approx.)

- Lauren Mennie is Casework Department Manager for the Australian Visa Bureau.