Australian rugby players to get UK visa application cleared

- Posted in United Kingdom by Visa Bureauon 05 June 2009

Josh Hannay and other Australian rugby league players have lodged their UK visa application in order to play for the Celtic Crusaders in the British Super League.

Last week, concerns that their UK visa applications would not be granted for eight of the Australian rugby players were voiced by several sources because of previous delays caused for Australian league players at the start of the season.

Anthony Seibold from the Crusaders said that so far, the UK visa application lodgements were going as planned, and that there was no need for concern.

"The Celtic Crusaders have not been informed by the UK Border Agency authority as a club that there are impending visa problems for some of our players," Seibold told the Daily Mercury.

He added: "we do not envisage any problems at this stage with the Celtic Crusaders".

The Crusaders will be welcoming their Aussie team-mates to the season as they have only had one win so far this season.

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