Australian government announces record number of visas granted

- Posted in Australia by Visa Bureauon 18 June 2014

The SkillSelect schemeis reported to have enabled the delivery of 38% of the General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa applications.

Martin Bowles, Secretary of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection had the following comments: "The past year has been one of unprecedented change. The department has dealt with often unpredictable challenges in supporting the government to shape the nation through managing permanent and temporary movements of people in and out of Australia, and in delivering settlement and citizenship programmes.

"To give an idea of the scope of our work, this year alone Australia had more than 30 million cross border movements by students, tourists and temporary migrants, as well as permanent residents and Australian citizens.

"At the same time we responded with speed and flexibility to rapidly changing global circumstances including economic conditions and conflict and civil unrest that influenced the movement of millions of people around the world,” said Bowles. “Through all of this, we have recognized that each interaction with a client is an interaction with the life of an individual or a family, each with aspirations that we are committed to dealing with fairly and professionally."

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